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embroidered Timbuk2 Incognito Backpack Timbuk2 Incognito Flap Backpack

Customize the Timbuk2 Incognito Flap Backpack

1-12pcs -:$40.00

embroidered Timbuk2 Eco Gunmetal Spirit Laptop Backpack Timbuk2 Eco Spirit Laptop Backpack

Timbuk2 Rogue Backpack with customized logo makes the perfect gift or giveaway promotional item.

1-12pcs -:$65.00

8884-packable-travel-tote-corporate Timbuk2 Packable Travel Tote

Create a corporate Timbuk2 tote with adding a custom logo. This tote is a perfect fit for any corporate promotion or gift.

1-12pcs -:$70.00

embroidered Timbuk2 Eco Nautical Q Backpack Timbuk2 Eco Nautical Q 2.0 Backpack

Timbuk2 Rogue Backpack with customized logo makes the perfect gift or giveaway promotional item.

1-12pcs -:$82.00

embroidered Timbuk2 Rogue Backpack Timbuk2 Rogue 2.0 Backpack

Timbuk2 Rogue Backpack with customized logo makes the perfect gift or giveaway promotional item.

1-12pcs -:$85.00

Custom Timbuk2 Division Pack Deluxe Timbuk2 Division Pack

Personalized for employee gift or event giveaway - add your custom logo for instant branding

1-12pcs -:$90.00

Custom Embroidered Commute Messenger Bag Timbuk2 Commute Laptop TSA-Friendly Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag - Customized

1-12pcs -:$100.00

Timbuk2 The Closer Case Timbuk2 The Closer Case

Custom Timbuk2 Closer Bag

1-12pcs -:$120.00

timbuk2-authority-laptop-backpack-deluxe-lifetime-warranty Timbuk 2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe

Customized Timbuk2 Laptop Bag

1-12pcs -:$125.00


Custom Backpacks with Your Embroidered Company Logo

Custom Timbuk2 work backpacks make great branded gifts for your staff for a few reasons. The best thing is you don't need to track down sizes beforehand for personalized backpacks, so you can keep your gifts a surprise! Second, people travel all year round, so they'll be thrilled to have a brand new backpack to carry their supplies and laptops in. Create your corporate Timbuk2 branded backpacks with LogoWear Plus.


Timbuk2 was born in a San Francisco garage in 1989 by a bike messenger and raised in the city’s vibrant Mission District ever since. Proudly rooted in local, urban manufacturing. For over 25 years we’ve built tough-as-hell custom bags for urban adventurers who thrive off of city-life. Whether you work hard or play hard, we promise to be your constant companion. A symbol of independence. An innovative tool that is indispensable and indestructible. Guaranteed.


Your company works hard...most of the time. Now you can be really ridiculously stylish, all of the time. Promote company culture, reward hard work, and look good doing it. For over a decade, Timbuk2’s Corporate Sales Team has been making awesome bags for corporate customers. Whether it’s an order of 1,000 bags for Google employees or 50 bags for New Belgium Brewery, we help you personalize bags that your employees will drool over.


A touch of this, a hit of that, it takes a lot of webbing and weave to make a Timbuk2 product. But each material counts. Timbuk2 evaluates the performance and durability of materials by testing their tensile strength, seam slippage, water column, tear abrasion, ball burst, mullens, colorfastness, and other sexy things. Only materials that meet pass the rigorous testing earn the right to be integrated into Timbuk2 products. Timbuk2 also evaluates the environmental impact of our materials. They do not – will not! – use materials considered toxic by the global community. In addition to regularly assessing the materials used, the constant hunt for newer, better material solutions. Finding the perfect fabric or binding is challenging but oh so necessary.